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"Look no further! First of all, the product this business turns out is absolutely perfect. Second, the level of service is the best I have experienced in the Wilmington area. This comes from someone who has been in food services turned real estate for upwards of 20 years. The professionalism, level of communication, and quality of product are top notch! Do not hesitate in ordering with Ashley if you are uncertain. She goes above and beyond. It is apparent that her business is her passion. Our search for real estate closing gifts, thank you gifts, or simply guilty indulgences has ended here. Colonel's Confections offers a wonderful delivery service that takes the pressure and hassle out of sending a gift, and creates a truly fun experience for us on our end. We are always excited to order from this business, and I believe that speaks volumes! Ashley gets not five, but TEN STARS from me!"

-Leigh Saunders-Corbin

Century 21 Realty, Wilmington NC

"Colonel's Confections is absolutely amazing in every aspect! All of their products are deliciously addicting; they are presented beautifully, to the point to where it makes you question eating it because you don't want to mess it up! Taking a picture first is always the first thing I do so I can dig in and look back at it later! Also, the customer service is amazing. Kind and accommodating, Colonel's Confections cares about every single customer and makes sure every order is made to perfection whether it is a regular or custom order, with every cupcake, cookie, down the to tiny chocolate chips! My mom who is a celiac ate the flourless cookies and she was 100% fine. Ashley takes time to make sure she is using dedicated ingredients and utensils hen making flourless products or products with gluten free flour. I love this bakery!"

-Alexandra Walker


"I have ordered from Colonel's Confections numerous times without disappointment! The owner, Ashley, is very accommodating to requests and even created custom cards for several of my orders. She ships the cookies individually wrapped in a cute box with her logo and they arrive in excellent condition. The cookies are amazing in flavor and texture and stayed fresh for days after receipt! Will definitely order again!"

-Michelle Tolar