Q: What items do you ship?

A: We only ship cookies in the U.S.


Q: When will my shipped cookies arrive?

A: Please expect all cookies to arrive on Thursdays or Fridays, as we usually ship on Mondays. If you would like a specific delivery date please let us know in the comments and we will try to accommodate your request.

Colonel's Confections cannot give a 100% guarantee as to when USPS will deliver your cookies.


Q: What service do you use to ship your cookies?

A: We ship cookies priority through USPS. They generally arrive within 2-3 days. States like Hawaii and Alaska may be longer. You should not have to sign for our packages.



Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We deliver to New Hanover County in NC.



Q: How much notice do I need to give for a delivery order?

A: Please order all deliveries to New Hanover 2 business days in advance. 


Q: Can I make changes to my order? A: Yes, please notify us at support@colonelsconfections as soon as possible. If your order hasn't already been baked, we will issue a refund and you can re-order.


Q: Can I order a different quantity than what's available in your store?

A: Yes! Please call or email us if our store does not have the quantity you are looking for or if you need a custom order. We look forward to baking for you!

**Disclaimer 1: Colonel's Confections facility process peanuts and other nuts. Please be aware of allergies and consume at your own risk.

**Disclaimer 2: Colonel's Confections offers flourless cookies and cookies with flour alternatives such as gluten free flour or coconut flour. We understand the importance to have dedicated gluten free baking supplies and ingredients. The items mentioned are by definition gluten free. However, we have not been gluten free certified. Please be aware of allergies and consume at your own risk.